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We're Committed To Your Safety and Peace of Mind

Stay Safe, Stay Small, Stay Inn
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As Innkeepers, experienced hospitality professionals, and members of ALP – Association of Lodging Professionals, Chic & Dwight believe “The Better Way to Stay” in these challenging times is at small Inns and B&B’s. Like BrickInn, many are implementing extra efforts and safety measures that will protect both Guests and Innkeepers.

BrickInn has Four Guestrooms, the maximum number of guests to occupy the Inn at any time is eight. The Interior shared spaces are large enough to accommodate social distancing but still maintain friendly interaction. The BrickInn sits in a quiet historical neighborhood on a 5 acre parcel with huge yards and gardens, plenty of separate outdoor spaces to relax. Although it is not possible to guarantee a stay that is 100% free of any contaminants (when we have guests coming and going). We do promise to try our absolute best for everyone.

BrickInn Outdoor Chairs, Green Grass, Landscaping

Our re-opening plan has been created by considering recommended practices from the Health Dept, CDC guidelines, and our extensive housekeeping training from many years of hotel experience. We have put together the following practices that will be continually updated and revised as the latest recommendations evolve.

These property policies will be posted in Public areas and in Guestrooms. For the safety of all involved we appreciate your cooperation. Our goal is to continue to provide outstanding guest service in a friendly and welcoming manner.

We have put a great deal of thought into this plan with respect and concern for the situation. We are not fearful or paranoid about welcoming guests back to our home and we do not want to be too extreme in our approach. Any guest who is not comfortable with the procedures we have established may cancel their reservation at any time prior to checking in for a full refund of their $50 deposit.


· We request that stays be cancelled or rescheduled for a later date, if any reserved or registered guest is aware of any possible COVID-19 exposure (or has experienced any COVID type symptoms).

· We are booking guests for June 12th and forward (with the flexible cancellation plan previously mentioned). NY has scheduled Lodging and Restaurants for Phase 3 of their re-opening plan. If all goes well this should be mid June.

· We encourage our guests to bring their own face coverings as we are unable to provide them.

· Check-in happens between 3 pm and 8 pm unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

· There will be a Sanitizing Station on the Porch near the entrance, all entering guests are asked to sanitize their hands before entering. We will not be requiring guests to remove shoes unless overly soiled from hiking.

· We will still greet and welcome our guests as always using the 6’ social distancing guidelines. Gloves will be worn by Innkeeper as bags are delivered to your room. Masks will be worn by Innkeeper during the property welcome tour and guestroom overview.

· Guests will receive complimentary soaps, shampoo, and conditioner.

· As always, we will be available 24/7 for any guests needs via text or phone call.

To service any health concerns, we are 20 minutes from the nearest Hospital/Emergency Room and 7 miles to the nearest Urgent Care facility.


· When possible, rooms will be vacant a minimum of 24 hours prior to arriving

· Gloves and Masks will be worn as rooms are serviced. Rooms with guests that are staying over will be serviced as usual, trash removed, bed made, towels replenished, bathroom cleaned etc. However, guests may request to decline this service if they prefer not to have an Innkeeper enter their room after checking in. Guests who decline our cleaning service during their stay can request that we deliver clean towels and sheets.

· All terry and bedding will be removed from room and laundered between guests. This includes mattress pads, blankets, coverlet, pillow protectors, sheets, towels, robes, and shower mats. We provide Comphy luxury linens. Pillows are triple covered with 2 zipped covers and a pillow case. ALL bedding is laundered on site.

· All hard surfaces, floors, bath fixtures, furniture, touch points, switches, doorknobs, locks, window blind wands and remotes will be sanitized and polished with microfiber.

· All soft surfaces will be misted with disinfectant spray.

Public Common Areas:

· All tables and seating areas inside and out on the porch will have a signage card that states if that area has been cleaned and sanitized after being used by prior guest. Innkeepers will walk property frequently to clean seating areas and all touch points of the common areas. High touch areas like doorknobs, handrails, and light switches will be disinfected more often.

· Breakfast Service seating options will include individual two top tables 6-10’ apart, masks and gloves will be worn by Innkeepers for food prep, service and cleanup. As always, our 3 course Breakfast is served at 8 or 9:00 with Sweet or Savory options, pre-selected the evening prior.

Seating arrangements available:

o In our Breakfast Dining Area (with 4 two-person tables)

o On our large side Porch (with 4 two-person tables)

o Delivered to your Guestroom (3 courses at one tray delivery)

Jay Guest Room Desk, Fireplace, Window Seat, Window

· Guest Pantry will have a Sanitizing Station by the door, all guest must sanitize hands before entering. Any refrigerator snacks and beverages will be individual packaging. Pantry surfaces will be cleaned continuously throughout. We ask that our guests help with this area by wiping any used surfaces with a disinfecting wipe when leaving the Pantry. Our past guests have really enjoyed having this common kitchen service area. We would like to keep it safely in service for all to use.

We look forward to welcoming you back to BrickInn! Reconnect with nature, Letchworth State Park and most surrounding parks have stayed OPEN to the public. We are doing our best

to provide a safe and healthy guest experience. We thank you in advance as we modify our services based on the latest government regulations as well as recommendations from respected health organizations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and know that we are committed to your safety and peace of mind!

Our Best,

Chic & Dwight at BrickInn

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