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Welcome Guests to BrickInn

We purchased our 1915 Brick Colonial Home in the Spring of 2015, on the homes 100th Birthday. Our goal is to lovingly refurbish the entire home and share it with guests visiting Letchworth State Park and our surrounding attractions. The 5 acre property is graced with huge old trees and gardens. The BrickInn’s décor is bright, cheerful and friendly, creating a casual but elegant environment for visitors to rest, relax and reconnect with the amazing natural scenic beauty of our area.


Our 35 years together and prior have been spent in careers of Home Design & Construction and Hospitality. Our joy is creating beautiful spaces for others to enjoy. We consider the BrickInn our “Grand Finale” enjoying the journey as we create and restore this wonderful property.

"My husband and I were the lucky guests for the last two nights of the BrickInn’s inaugural season! Chic and Dwight have created

an indulgent yet comfortable atmosphere in this lovingly restored 1915 stately home. Their background in design and hospitality shows, with all the thoughtful touches throughout our room and the entire home."

Joanne - New York,NY

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32 State St, Mt Morris, NY

Phone: 585.658.1198


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