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How to Restore Your Body and Mind

Restore your body and mind with a much-deserved break from any stress in your life. It makes perfect sense to pause from your everyday demands to rest and focus on your wellness.

For those looking to getaway (but stay within a relatively close driving distance from home), you may be surprised to learn how close you are to BrickInn.

Within 4 Hours Driving Distance of Mt. Morris, NY

· Rochester, NY

· Buffalo, NY

· Syracuse, NY

· Ithaca, NY

· Toronto, Canada

· Albany, NY

· Cleveland, OH

· Harrisburg, PA

· Erie, PA

Thanks to reviews posted by our past guests, BrickInn is honored to be ranked 5 Stars on top travel sites, TripAdvisor, AirBnB and Google, plus we’re rated 5 of 5 by visitors/followers on Facebook!

Mount Morris is located on the Western edge of the Finger Lakes Region in the Genesee Valley, at the North entrance of Letchworth State Park. For those not familiar with the Finger Lakes, they are eleven long and narrow, north/south lakes in the Northern Allegheny Plateau and the Ontario Lowlands region of the Great Lakes.

The Finger Lakes Region is known for its Natural Beauty, Tranquil Scenery, Waterfalls, Lakes & Parks. Come Restore your Body and Mind with a Hike, Bike, Paddle or Picnic (or a little of everything).

With all the stresses of today’s world, it makes perfect sense to go on a retreat. Experience a much-needed break from it all. Those who take time off report greater levels of happiness at work and at home. They also see an improvement in their productivity.

Visitors to BrickInn appreciate our quiet, five-acre setting in a historic neighborhood. We feature open spaces and beautiful gardens. You’re welcome to read a good book or reconnect with a loved one. Reflect on what you’re grateful for in life.

After a refreshing night’s sleep, savor our leisurely three-course BrickInn Breakfast. You’ll feel renewed with a sense of vitality to take on the day.

Our guests love how close we are to Letchworth State Park (we are just minutes from the North Entrance). Participate, with unhurried ease, in a tranquil walk in the forest. Kayak or white water raft the gorgeous waters. Bike the gorgeous Genessee Valley Greenway trails.

We now offer Intimate Elopements and Mini Weddings with the option to reserve all four of our guest rooms to guarantee exclusive access to our facility and grounds.

Here at BrickInn, we love to see our guests relax and unwind from their tensions. This is the perfect place to gain a new zest for life as you restore your body and mind. Of course, we’re a little biased, but our guests agree with us, too!

Our Best,

Chic & Dwight at BrickInn

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