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Celebrating 5 Amazing Years With BrickInn

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

For over 20 years we searched for the perfect property. We always wanted to create a B&B and enjoy life as Innkeepers. After many tours, offers, and disappointments, we decided that if we did not find the “one” by Chic’s 60th Birthday, this adventure was not going to happen, and we would move on.

In January 2015, we were notified by our realtor that a "For Sale by Owner" sign went up on 32 State Street in Mt. Morris, New York. This was a vacant property that we had been keeping our eye on. That week we scheduled a tour with our daughter and daughter in law. We ALL loved it and knew that this was it! By mid-January, we had put our offer together and on January 28th, Chic’s 60th Birthday, our offer was accepted! You're welcome to read Our Story.

We knew this was a huge undertaking. With our past experience in our Home Design and Construction business (plus many years in the Hotel Hospitality industry), we had our eyes wide open. We knew how much work was ahead. We anticipated it would take 5 to 7 years. We both love renovating. We would do most of the work ourselves.

Many days, it was overwhelming. However, we both saw the potential. We were willing to do the work involved to lovingly restore this beautiful property. We kept going by focusing on the small steps forward. Looking at how far we came at the end of each project. Sharing our progress with others. Our restoration journey is documented on Facebook for all you HGTV fans.

We're celebrating 5 amazing years with BrickInn on the anniversary of our purchase on April 30, 2020. Five Years later we have taken a vacant tired, 6,400 square foot, 1915 Brick Colonial and created our Warm & Welcoming BrickInn. The journey has been so rewarding for us. Yes, it has been a lot of work. Yet so worth it as we began sharing it with guests in September of 2018. We have met and hosted some amazing people that we now consider friends, many of which have been returning guests coming to see our progress.

As we continue into our sixth year, we did not expect to have the current pandemic crisis to deal with. As with many small businesses, this has been a challenging time due to closures and lost jobs. We continue to use this time to work on more projects, finishing our 4th Wren Guestroom and restoring the original Butler’s Pantry as a Guest Pantry/Kitchen.

When traveling is safe again, we will be here for our guests to rest, relax, and reconnect. We will be making the recommended service, cleaning, and distancing adjustments to welcome you and to supply a safe experience for both our guests and us. We believe staying at small independent Inns and B&B’s will be even more popular in a new normal of social distancing precautions.

Thank you all for supporting our adventure. Let’s see where the next five years takes us…Our Best, Dwight & Chic at BrickInn

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